Household Roles

How can we show the various family members' various relationships and roles?

Household roles in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud are a way to categorize the different members of a household who may be involved with your nonprofit. This can include donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders.

Some of the most common household roles include:

  • Decision Maker: The person who makes the primary decisions about giving to and volunteering with your nonprofit.

  • Influencer: Someone who influences the decision maker's giving and volunteering decisions.

  • Member: A household member who may be involved with your nonprofit in some way but does not have a decision-making or influencing role.

  • Employee: Someone who works for your nonprofit.

The data model below represents the roles of the individuals in the household account "Jones Family." Who is the decision maker, who is the influencer, etc.?

The relationships between the individual contacts are as follows:

  • Micheal Jones is the husband of Mary Jones and the father of David Jones and Susan Jones.

  • Mary Jones is the wife of Michael Jones and the mother of David Jones and Susan Jones.

  • David Jones is the son of Michael Jones and Mary Jones and the brother of Susan Jones.

  • Susan Jones is the daughter of Michael Jones and Mary Jones and the sister of David Jones.

You can also create custom household roles to fit your organization's specific needs. For example, you might want to create a role for "major donor," “recipient,” “parent,” "Volunteer,” “caregiver,” or "Board member."

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