What are Household Accounts?

Imagine that you are running a non-profit organization that provides food and clothing to low-income families. You want to keep track of all the families you serve, so you start a CRM system.

But instead of just keeping track of each family individually, you group them into households. You can create custom landing pages for each household donor family.

Here, we can see the household account of the “Jones family” with their family picture to personalize the experience for your customers.

This is how we used to keep the data in Excel files for the Jones family.

In the CRM the information is shown below:

What is it?

Screenshot from CRM for the Jones household.

Why is it important?

We can avoid navigating to multiple pages and instead provide a single snapshot of the Jones household, including the contact and other relevant information for them, including their birthday, etc.

Below, we are representing the data model of a family.

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