Donation %change this year

The Donation % Change This Year component displays the percentage reflecting the percent change from the prior year to the current year. The percent change is represented using three colors: green, yellow, and red, following the standard stoplight analogy. Green typically signifies hitting a goal or achieving a significant increase in donations, yellow indicates moderate progress or improvement, and red suggests a decline or falling short of targets.

Why it's important: This component is critically important for nonprofits as it provides a clear and quick visual indication of the percentage change in donations. The customizable colors, typically green, yellow, and red, allow organizations to easily and intuitively assess their fundraising performance. With just a glance, nonprofits can determine whether they have met their goals, made moderate progress, or need to take corrective action. This information enables organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their fundraising strategies, make data-driven decisions, and implement targeted approaches to optimize their fundraising outcomes. Ultimately, the Donation % Change This Year component empowers nonprofits to swiftly monitor donation growth, set benchmarks, and proactively strive towards achieving their fundraising objectives.

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