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Event Ticketing

Other features:

  • Unlimited event pages

  • Spark interest in your event by adding video, images, text and more

  • Customizable tiers for tickets, tables, sponsorships and advertising

  • Custom ticket quantities, sale availability period and pricing (including complimentary and discounted)

  • Donations possible on top of or in lieu of ticket sales

  • Ability to set a tax-deductible amount for each ticket price

  • One-step ‘Add to Calendar’ button

  • Automated, personalized thank-you emails for each ticket tier

  • In-person location and directions set via Google Maps

  • Built-in space for public or private virtual / livestreamed event links

  • Optimized for Google Search

  • Auto-synced and downloadable event attendee data

  • Progress meters can track and exhibit donations in seconds on Campaign Page and Live Display

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