Fundraising Pages

Launch fundraising campaigns with customizable donation pages that are easy to build and use for donors.

  1. Customization at its best: Customize your fundraising page with compelling imagery, videos, and stories about your organization to enhance the impact of your appeal.

  2. Real-time donation tracking: Keep track of donations in nearly real-time with an on-page thermometer that can also be optimized for full-screen live display at your in-person and virtual events.

  3. Embedded video capabilities: Easily share your livestreamed or recorded video broadcasts through popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Zoom, embedded directly on your fundraising page.

  4. Empower supporters: Turn your donors into fundraisers with seamless individual and team peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities, empowering your supporters to raise funds on your behalf.

  5. Email fundraising made easy: Include a link to your fundraising page in all of your emails and e-newsletters, especially in fundraising appeals, to make it convenient for supporters to donate.

  6. Social media campaigns: Amplify your fundraising efforts by sharing your fundraising page on social media, and consider boosting your posts to reach new potential donors and expand your reach.

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