10% Increase Projection

Donors projected to have a 10% increase over their last gift

The 10% Increase Projection component is a horizontal bar chart that displays the accounts of donors projected to have a 10% increase over their last gift. The accounts are sorted from the largest donations to the lowest.

Why it's important: This component holds significance for nonprofits as it provides insights into potential donation increases from existing donors. By projecting a 10% increase over their last gift, nonprofits can identify accounts with the potential for significant growth and prioritize engagement efforts with those donors. This information helps organizations tailor their stewardship strategies, develop personalized cultivation plans, and establish meaningful donor relationships. The component also enables nonprofits to track and measure the success of their fundraising efforts, identify trends in donor giving behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize donor engagement and fundraising outcomes. Ultimately, the 10% Increase Projection component empowers nonprofits to strategically focus on maximizing donor contributions and enhancing their overall fundraising performance.

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