Giving Range This Year

The Giving Range This Year component displays the total gift amounts from all donors categorized by donation amount ranges, including $0-$100, $100-$1000, $1000-$10000, and +$10000. Notably, it reveals that there have been significant large donations of more than $10000, amounting to $127k.

Why it's important: This component holds importance as it provides a high-level view of the donations received in the current year and offers insights into the size of those donations. It allows nonprofits to gauge the overall donation trends and understand the distribution of donation amounts within different ranges. This information is valuable for assessing fundraising performance, setting fundraising goals, and making informed decisions regarding resource allocation and strategy adjustments. By having visibility into the size of donations coming in, nonprofits can effectively plan and adapt their fundraising strategies to maximize their impact and achieve their fundraising objectives.

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