Party Role Relationship

What is party-role relationship?

The Nonprofit Cloud defines relationships between individuals, organizations, and households using the Party Role Relationship object. Each party role relationship describes a connection between two entities, with a role and related role. For example, party role relationships can define the relationships between a grantmaker and grantee, program participant and sponsor, and spouses.

Party role relationships work by defining the specific roles that entities play within account account relationships and contact contact relationships. These roles provide context and clarity to these relationships, ensuring everyone understands their responsibilities.

Party role relationships are used on two different objects that connect records:

Account Account Relationships-AAR tracks relationships between business accounts, including households and other organizations.

In account-account relationships, party role relationships identify the specific roles that different accounts play in their interactions. In our example, the Jones Household and Brown Household are Neighbors.

How does it look in CRM?

The Party Role Relationship for an “Account Account Relationship” name ends with AAR.

The List of sample party role relationships created for AAR

Likewise, in a business partnership, one account might be designated as the "Primary Partner" and the other as the "Secondary Partner." These roles clarify the responsibilities and expectations of each account within the partnership.

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