Relationship with Accounts

In Non-Profit Cloud (NPC) Salesforce, an account account relationship is a way to link two accounts together to represent a relationship between them. This can help track and manage relationships between organizations, such as parent organizations, subsidiaries, or partners.

In the case of the Jones household and Brown household, you could create an "Account-Account Relationship" between the two accounts to represent the fact that they are neighbors. This would allow you to quickly identify all of the accounts that are neighbors to the Jones household, and vice versa.

Why is it important?

Account account relationships are important because they can help you to:

  • Track relationships between your organization and other organizations. This can help you to identify potential donors, partners, and volunteers.

  • Understand the network of your organization and its stakeholders. This can help you to develop more effective strategies for fundraising, outreach, and engagement.

  • Share information between related accounts. For example, you could share contact information between an individual donor's account and the account of the organization they donated to.

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